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Do NOT Bring Gas Generators Indoors


State Residents Suffer CO Poisoning after Weekend’s Dangerous Nor’easter

UPDATE: Several New Jersey residents found themselves hospitalized this weekend for carbon monoxide exposure. The culprit: their gas generator. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious and deadly threat during severe weather. Do NOT under any circumstances bring gas generators indoors or leave them near open windows, doors, garages, etc. The New Jersey Poison Control experts urge the public to heed this warning for the next storm heading our way midweek. 

As New Jersey residents prepare for flooding, gusting winds, and the possibility of snow accumulation, the New Jersey Poison Control Center braces for an uptick in poison exposures/injuries to a variety of substances as it relates to severe weather.

“Carbon monoxide poisoning is an immediate danger and more prevalent during storms of this magnitude,” says Diane Calello, MD, NJ Poison Control Center Executive and Medical Director, Rutgers NJ Medical School’s Department of Emergency Medicine. “Rest assured that the state’s poison control center will be here to respond to your calls for help, 24/7.

 Don’t be the next statistic, carbon monoxide (CO) is a gas that gives no warning – you cannot see it, smell it or taste it. To make matters worse, symptoms of CO poisoning can easily be confused with symptoms of viral illnesses like the common cold or seasonal flu. If you suspect CO poisoning, handle it as a medical emergency.

 “If you are using a gas generator, please do so safely to prevent being exposed to CO gas, which can be fatal to you and those around you,” says Calello. 

 Below are key safety tips that may potentially save your life or the life of a loved one. For those who have social media, follow the NJ Poison Center on FB and Twitter for storm safety as well as other injury prevention tips.”

 Reduce your risk of CO exposure/poisoning:

  1. Only use generators outside. Keep them more than 20 feet from both you and your neighbor’s home, doors, or windows. Carbon monoxide gas can blow back into a building if too close. 
  2. Clear snow from all heating and dryer vents.
  3. Gas appliances must have adequate ventilation. If need be, keep a window slightly cracked to allow airflow.
  4. Open flues when fireplaces are in use.
  5. Never use the stove to heat your home/apartment. 
  6. Do not bring generators, pressure washers, grills, camp stoves, or other gasoline, propane, natural gas or charcoal-burning devices inside your home, basement, garage, carport, camper, boat cabin, or tent – or even outside near an open window or door.
  7. DO NOT cook with charcoal indoors.
  8. DO NOT idle a car in a closed garage. Once you pull in, immediately turn off the engine. 
  9. Do not idle a car in a snowbank. If stuck in the snow, make sure to clear the tailpipe and surrounding area to prevent exhaust fumes from entering the car. 
  10. If you do not have any carbon monoxide detectors, install them right away. If your detectors are old and/or not working properly, replace them right away.  Check the batteries and replace if needed. 

 If you suspect Carbon Monoxide poisoning, take immediate action:  

  1. If someone is unconscious or unresponsive, get him or her out of the house and call 9-1-1 immediately.
  2. Exit the house/building immediately. Do not waste time opening windows. This will delay your escape and cause you to breathe in even more dangerous fumes.
  3. Contact your local fire department/energy provider.
  4. Call the NJ Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for immediate treatment advice.Do not waste time looking for information on the internet about carbon monoxide poisoning.  Call us for fast, free and accurate information.

Poison control centers are a great resource for information and emergencies. Keep us at your fingertips. Save the Poison Help line (1-800-222-1222) as a contact in your phone. You can reach New Jersey’s poison experts in the following ways: call 1-800-222-1222, chat via, or text

 Help is Just a Phone Call Away!

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Help Wanted: Lifeguards

Lafayette Township is seeking lifeguards for the 2018 summer season. Good pay. Must be at least 16 years of age and waterfront certified. Employment applications can downloaded here or picked up at the municipal building. Please mail or drop off completed applications to:
Lafayette Township
33 Morris Farm Road
Lafayette, NJ 07848
Attn: Stephanie

For questions, please email or call 973-383-1817 ext.11

Scholarships for Lafayette Township Students

The New Jersey State League of Municipalities and Lafayette Township Committee

have an excellent scholarship opportunity for the High School Juniors and Seniors of Lafayette.

We have teamed up to offer three (3) $1,000.00 scholarships through the Louis Bay II Future Municipal Leaders Scholarship Competition. This statewide scholarship competition centers on the theme "What My Municipal Government Does Best" and seeks to advance the virtues of elected and volunteer members of municipal government.

Many of the elected officials, appointed board members, and local volunteers serve Lafayette Township with little or no compensation. It is their altruistic desire to serve the community that compels them to public service. These officials, board members, and volunteers, along with a cadre of dedicated professionals, are guardians of our hometown quality, comforts, safety, and security. They give of their time and talents to help plan our community and preserve our way of life. This scholarship competition will help to promote pride and community spirit among our township’s high school students, while encouraging involvement in the township and municipal leadership.

Full details on the scholarship application process and contest may be downloaded here. We look forward to seeing the involvement of our young adults representing Lafayette Township in this statewide scholarship competition. We are proud of Christina Smith who was selected as one of the three (3) statewide scholarship winners in 2006. You are invited to contact any of the Township Committee members or attend a Committee meeting scheduled on the first and third Tuesdays of each month.

Lafayette Amateur Athletics

Attention Lafayette high school seniors graduating from High Ppoint, Pope John, or Sussex Tech: Multiple scholarship opportunities offered or facilitated by Lafayette Amateur Athletics, Inc, (LAA) this spring. Please visit your Guidance offices or visit for details. Completed applications must be postmarked by April 3, 2018. Opportunities include: two (2) LAA General Scholarships in the amount of $1000.00 each, the $500.00 Patricia Sweeney Memorial Scholarship for athletes attending High Point, and the $500 Forever Friends Motorcycle Awareness Scholarship offered to 2018 High Point graduates. Please email Kevin O’Leary at with any questions.

Open Space/Farmland Preservation News

Lafayette Township Open Space Committee Morgan Farm Update

The Lafayette Township Open Space Committee is pleased to report progress on a new acquisition project. In 2017, Lafayette formalized a contract with the Morgan family to purchase a portion of an old farm on Gorney Road. Your Township Open Space Committee made a formal presentation to the Sussex County Open Space Committee last fall and facilitated a site visit to seek funding from the County to contribute toward the overall purchase price. The County Open Space Committee recommended that the Sussex County Freeholders award $100,000 to Lafayette to support the project. The Freeholders took action on that recommendation at their December 13, 2017 meeting and approved the funding. Lafayette will use its Green Acres Planning Incentive Grant funding and a minimal amount of the Lafayette Open Space Trust Fund for the balance of the funding needed to complete the purchase of approximately 48 acres that will be added to the Township’s open space inventory. The purchase once completed will enhance the Statesville Quarry Ridge Preserve and meet several of Township’s identified open space goals to protect Lafayette’s beautiful viewsheds, a category one waterway, and a forested area that will allow for passive recreation and habitat for threatened and endangered species. Look for further details in the next several months.

Read about our preservation program.

To All Township Residents from the Sussex County Health Department: What Should the Division of Health Focus On?

We're reaching out to you because you are connected with Sussex County Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Health. Sussex County Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Health is a partner of the North Jersey Health Collaborative, a group of more than 150 organizations working together to create healthy communities and healthy people []. Every three years, we try to figure out what topics we should focus on to improve health in northern New Jersey.

To make sure we choose the things that really matter, we need to hear from people who live and work in our communities. This is your chance to tell us what you think we should focus on. This should take about 12 minutes and you can skip any questions you do not want to answer. Your answers are completely confidential​ (they won't be shared with your name) and ​whether or not you want to share your voice is up to you​. If you would like to get a copy of the results, be involved in future conversations, or enter for ​a chance to win $100​, you can add your contact information at the end.


Poll Worker Training

The Sussex County Board of Elections is looking for poll workers and is holding poll worker training classes in April. If you are interested, please call 973-579-0950 x 1591 with questions. Click here to see the class schedule.


No Parking

Lafayette Township Residents: Please be advised that no person shall park a vehicle upon any municipal street, road or right-of-way between November 1 of each year and April 30 of the following year. Violators will be towed. (Ordinance 2014-13, adopted December 16, 2014)

Keep Your Mailbox Clear

A friendly reminder from our mailcarriers: Please do not place garbage cans or bags in front of your mailbox on garbage collection days. It makes it difficult to deliver your mail. Thank you.

Vietnam Memorial Walkway

Thank you to Nick and Gene from Lafayette Village Associates (Olde Lafayette Village owners) for their generous donation of providing for the replacement of the walkway at the Vietnam Memorial located on Route 15.
New Pavers New Pavers

Clean Energy Program

Receive tax-free money to make energy related improvements. Download flier. Clean energy program

The Beautification of Route 15 Silo

See photos.

Foreclosure Help

If you are in danger of losing your home to foreclosure, the New Jersey Hardest HIt Fund (NJHHF) programs may be able to help. The fund offers up to $50,000 in assistance to save your home. Download flier for more information or go to

Discover NJDEP Podcast: Bear Safety

Discover DEP podcast focuses on bear safety in New Jersey: More New Jersey bear safety information can be found at: You can report black bear damage or nuisance behavior to DEP’s 24-hour, toll-free hotline at 1-877-927-6337.

JCP&L Tips for a Power Outage

JCP&L has published a free brochure on how to mangage through a power outage. Click here to download. (534 kb)

JCP&L Generator Safety Tips

Jersey Central Power & Light reminds customers to take precautions when using generators during power outages. Emergency power generators offer an option for customers needing or wanting uninterrupted service. However, to ensure the safety of the home’s occupants as well as that of utility company employees who may be working on power lines in the area, the proper generator should be selected and installed by a qualified electrician. When operating a generator, the power coming from the home should always be disconnected. Otherwise, power from the generator could be sent back into the utility lines, creating a hazardous situation for utility workers.