Post Office Information

The 30 day comment period for the post office is open until April 4, 2020. Please send suggestions/ideas for the placement of the post office for Lafayette Township to:

Kurtis Bullard, Real Estate Specialist (New Space Management)
United States Postal Service
Headquarters Facilities
P.O. Box 27497
Greensboro NC 27498-1103
Telephone: 336-544-3823

Also, if you have any problems with mail delivery, you may contact Eric Martinez, Sparta Postmaster, at 973-729-7444 or by email at

Here is a preliminary site plan proposed by the property owner regarding a new post office in the Township. It has been relayed that this is going thru the USPS engineering department and is subject to their changes. Please direct all comments/suggestions regarding this issue to Kurtis Bullard.