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Township Administrator

The Township Administrator shall be the Chief Administrative Officer of the Township of Lafayette and shall be responsible to the Township Committee for the proper and efficient administration of both the day-to-day management of the administrative affairs of the Township and the overall business affairs of the Township, acting in its stead and as its representative, to promote its economic and responsive operation.

Municipal Clerk

The Municipal Clerk is a mandatory position in every municipality in the State of NJ. The Municipal Clerk must hold a Registered Municipal Clerk Certificate (RMC), issued by the Division of Local Government Services in the Department of Community Affairs. A Registered Municipal Clerk is appointed by the Governing Body of each Municipality for a 3-year term.


The Registrar’s office is responsible for the filing and issuance of vital records. The Registrar and Deputy Registrar must hold a Certified Municipal Registrar (CMR) certificate, issued by the State Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics and Registry.

Contact Information

Administrator/Municipal Clerk/Registrar

AnnaRose Fedish
phone: 973-383-1817 ext.10

Office Hours

Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


No notices at this time. Notices will be posted on the news and notices page.


Forms from the clerks office and forms from the registrar's office can be found on the Forms and Applications page.

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