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Schedule For Residential Curbside Pick-Up

Place recyclable materials and trash at your curb no later than 7:30 a.m. on your pickup days. Recyclables must be placed in sturdy containers no larger than 45 gallons. Mixed paper, magazines and flat cardboard may be placed together in paper bags. Trash limit is four 45 gallon bags or containers each week. Maximum weight for each container or bag is 50 pounds. When disposing saw dust, wood stove ash, floor sweepings, and vacuum cleaner contents, place them in a bag before placing them in a trash can. Animal waste must be double bagged. Containers must have handles and removable lids. Please be sure trash and recycling containers are clearly visible from the road.


If there is a change in the scheduled pickup due to inclement weather, a notice will be posted on the news and announcement page. Also, please listen for changes or cancellations on 102.3 FM, 103.7 FM and 1360 AM.

Plastic Bags

Please do not leave your curbside recycling in plastic bags. Place your recycling of glass and plastic bottles in a sturdy container. The bags cannot be collected with the other recyclables as they get caught in conveyor belts during the recycling process. In the past, the DPW workers were empting the bags and leaving them behind, however they were blowing around and creating roadside litter. Please don't include plastic bags with your curbside pickup; take them to a grocery store that accepts clean and dry plastic bags.


You may also bring your recyclables to the SCMUA recycling center, located on Route 94, just north of the intersection of Routes 15 and 94, Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. SCMUA’s phone number is (973) 579-6998. The website is If you bring your trash to the SCMUA landfill, please look for separate containers at the convenience center for propane tanks, car batteries, tires, electronics and metals.

SCMUA also hosts special recycling events. For details see The Authority has provided a schedule summary for its events. See PDF events flier.

Pickup Schedule

Trash Pick Up:

Route 1: Every Monday
Route 2: Every Wednesday
Note: If your trash pick-up day falls on a legal holiday, it will be collected the following day.

Recycle Pick Up:

Route 1: The first Tuesday of every month
Route 2: The Third Tuesday of every month
Note: If your recycle pick-up day falls on a legal holiday, it will be collected the following day.

Route 1

Alpine Court
Beaver Run Road
Country Squire Lane
Day Road
Dennis Road
Fox Hill Road
Ice Plant Road
Ice Plant Spur Road
Lantz Road
Lewisburg Road
Little Road
Meadow Ridge Lane
Monroe Road
Old Statesville Quarry Road
Pelletown Road
Pond School Road
Sophie Court
Stateville Quarry Road
Val Court
Van Sickle Road
Voight Lane
William Way

Route 2

Brandywine Court
Cedar Ridge Road
Cliffview Drive
Decker Road
Fiddlers Way
Garrison Road
Hampton Heights Road
Indian Terrace
Limecrest / Randazzo Road
McCload Road
Meadows Road
Millpond Drive
Morris Farm Road
Mullen Lane
Mud Cut Road
Old Beaver Run Road
Patricia Land
Pierce Road
Race Road
Route 15
Route 94
Route 206
Snover Road
Sunset Inn Road
Thomas Road
Valcourt Drive
Valley View Road
Village Drive
Violet Trail
Warbasse Junction Road

Recyclable Materials

Rinse all aluminum, steel cans, glass and plastic bottles and jugs. Jars have an opening roughly the same size as the bottom. Bottles have an opening smaller than the bottom that can usually be plugged or capped. Jugs have a smaller opening than the bottom and usually have a handle. Lids must be placed securely on recycling bins or containers or recyclables must be weighted so that will not blow in the wind. If recyclables are not secured and repeatedly cause a litter problem, violators will be fined.

Steel and aluminum cans
DO recycle food and beverage cans only
DO commingle with glass and plastic containers
DON’T remove labels from cans
DON’T recycle paint, chemical or spray cans

DO remove neck rings and caps and dispose of these in trash
DO commingle with cans and plastic containers
DON’T remove labels
DON’T recycle flat glass, mirrors, light bulbs, blue glass, ceramics or windows

Plastic Containers 
PET 1    -      OTHER 7  
DO recycle all rinsed plastic containers with codes between 1 (PETE) and 7 (OTHER) included
DO commingle with cans and glass
DON'T recycle plastic toys. 
DON'T recycle bottles marked # 7 PLA.

DO cross tie in stacks no more than 1 foot high
DON'T put newspapers in paper or plastic bags, they WILL NOT be taken

Chipboard (flat cardboard)
DO flatten chipboard boxes
DO recycle with magazines, mixed paper, junk mail OR corrugated cardboard
DON'T put chipboard in paper or plastic bags, they WILL NOT be taken
DON'T recycle wax coated boxes

Magazines and mixed paper
DO recycle junk mail, manila file folders, copier paper, FAX paper, mixed office paper, catalogues, soft covered workbooks, paperback books, white and yellow writing paper, carbonless paper, construction paper without glue or sparkles, index cards, gift wrapping paper, phone books and hard bound books with cover removed
DO include flat cardboard
DO bag shredded paper
DO cross tie magazines
DO set out loose paper, shredded paper, junk mail in secured paper bags.  Bags must be tied in such a manner that they may easily be opened, but will not open when lifted.
DO make sure bags are somehow weighted or pun in a container so they will not blow away
DON'T put paper out in plastic bags
DON'T include newspaper, carbon paper, accordion files or booklets with plastic rings with the magazines and mixed paper

Corrugated cardboard and kraft (brown paper) bags
DO flatten cardboard boxes and cross tied OR place flattened corrugated inside a large corrugated cardboard box
DON'T recycle wax coated boxes

Large Brown Paper Bags
The paper material that can be combined together must be contained in a brown paper bag.  The exception is magazines, which may be stacked and cross ties together.  Stores in the area sell large brown paper leaf bags.  These are useful for large amounts of recyclable paper

The following items are recyclable and must be separated from your trash:
Leaves, grass clippings, brush, and plants. These may be composted in your yard or you may bring them to the SCMUA compost center. If brought in a truck, you will be charged for the disposal.
Used motor oil, oil filters, and antifreeze. These may be brought to the SCMUA recycling center. Up to 5 gallons per day will be accepted. There is no charge for disposal at the SCMUA.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs
Have you started using compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs? Wonder what to do with them when they burn out so the mercury contained in the bulb will not be released into the environment? Residents and businesses can now bring their compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs to Home Depot for safe disposal. There is a bulb receptacle just inside the entrance to the store. Place your unbroken bulb in the plastic bag provided and deposit it into the receptacle. CFL’s uses less energy and disposing of them safely does not pollute. Win-win!


The Clean Communities program is looking for groups to help keep Lafayette litter free. Clean Communities mini-grants are available to groups for the adopt-a-road program. This program is open to scout troops, 4H groups and any non-profit organization wishing to earn up to $500.00 for their organization. Are you a high school student who attends the regional or a private high school? Why not have a school group you belong to adopt a road or area in Lafayette? These groups are also eligible for the mini-grant program. Individuals, families, neighborhood groups, teams and businesses are also encouraged to adopt a road or an area. Working together, as a group or family teaches our youth how litter diminishes our town and how everyone can make a difference. Click here to download signup form.

Getting something for nothing?!

That’s what it says, “Getting something for nothing.” It’s true. There are ways of getting rid of things you no longer want, but are still are useful, without sending them to the landfill. has 3 groups operating in Sussex County. You register with a group (or groups) and start posting the things you no longer need and checking the listings for things that you need. There is no money exchanged. All articles are given. also has listings for free items. For specific information, go to the websites. Some newspapers have a “Free” section in the classifieds. Check these out before you throw it out.

Trash into Cash

Turn your TRASH into CASH by having a garage sale, or by donating your items to any of the following:

Good Used Items:
The Lafayette Center Preservation Foundation 973-383-5801  (NO clothes, NO furniture please)

New and/or Good Used Clothing:
Children's Quality Consignments, 6 Main St., Branchville, 973-948-7775 (you get CASH back for your good quality clothing)
Church Mouse Thrift Shop, Sparta United Methodist Church, 973-729-7773 (Wed/Sat, 10-2; Thurs, 1-6; Fri, 1-4)
Beehive Thrift Shop, 123 Spring Street, Newton 973-383-1228
Used clothing bin at AG Pizza in Lafayette (takes clothing, shoes and linens)
Lafayette Twp. Fire Department, 126 Route 15 (no rags, fabric scraps, toys or household goods)

Used Towels/Blankets:
Father John's Animal House, 50 Father Johns Lane, Lafayette, 973-300-5909

Used Household:
Church Mouse Thrift Shop, Sparta UMC
Beehive Thrift Shop, Newton
Sunshine Thrift Store, Lafayette Federated Church
Salvation Army, 15 Cork Hill Road, Franklin 973-827-0102 (also takes furniture and will pick up)
Sussex County Habitat for Humanity ReStore 973-948-4850 (also takes furniture and will pick up)

Used Books:
Sussex County Library - some of the libraries have used book sales throughout the year. Main Branch: 973-948-3660

Used Cell Phones:
DASI, Newton, NJ 973-579-2386
Stop and Shop - Used cell phone bin is at the Courtesy Counter

Printer Cartridges:
Don't forget to return your used printer cartridge in the envelope that comes with your new cartridge.
Lafayette Township School 973-875-3344
Staples accepts HP, Dell, Lexmark and Kodak ink cartridges and you get $3.00 in Staples Rewards for each cartridge.

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